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The shadow of my complexion

Over the past few years, I have been very active on stage and behind the scenes which has made people very eager to publish a collection. 

So beginning of 2022, I started writing my first poetry collection called 'The shadow of my complexion' where intersectionality, colourism and struggling with your own self-image is the theme. 

This book is about the complex process of growing up in a society that involves intersectionality, colourism and struggling with your own self-image. In this book, I talk about the traumas that shaped me as a black woman in this society. Themes that appear in my book are self-love, trauma, encountering yourself (or own shadow), (re)finding yourself, self-hatred, female empowerment and the process towards self-acceptance. The book consists of several chapters made up of stories and poems on the themes discussed above. 

Meanwhile, since the start of my poetic career, I have grown enormously as an artist. My network has grown enormously, my writing skills have been promoted and through also Mama's Open Mic, among others, I have gained and improved my organisational skills. 

With this project, I want to make use of my skills and collaborate with different art disciplines ranging from music to visual art (visual poetry video, photo expo and graphic design).

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