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My name is Maravilha Munto

I'm a 24 year old spoken word artist born and raised in the Netherlands. At the age of 16 I came with my family to live in Belgium. I have a passion for poetry, singing and hosting. Besides that I study psychology.

My poetic journey started in 2018 when I participated in the Belgian championship in slam poetry and finished  as a vice-champion. From that moment on I was to be found as a spoken word artist or presenter on stage.

Since 2019 I also was in the core group of Mama's Open Mic (MOM). Within this organisation I was the social media manager, Talent scouter and hospitality manager.
On 19 march 2019 I released my first self-directed visual poetry video called 'Dear black Girl' that has currently reached over 41,000 people nationally and internationally.  I did this video in collaboration with Stampmedia and Seckou Ouologuem. 
In 2020, I worked on a documentary with filmmaker and film scholar Matthias De Groof where I had input on the script and was the voice throughout the documentary. The film has since been exhibited at festivals and events in various countries such as, Belgium (MAS museum), Australia, Congo, Colombia, US, Germany, France, Chile, UK and so on. 

I have combined my love for creativity and being a support for people who need or want it in society by giving poetry workshops to both young people and adults. My workshops mainly revolve around expressing underlying struggles and emotions through words. These workshops are held in Dutch and English.

Over the past few years, I have been very active on stage and behind the scenes which has made people very eager to request for a poetry bundle. 
So begin 2022, I started writing my first poetry collection called 'The shadow of my complexion' where intersectionality, colourism and struggling with your own self-image is the theme. 


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